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Proton Pump Inhibitors Messed my Metabolism Up


I’ve had GERD for years and I haven’t been able to get below 24% body fat in years, nor have I been able to gain much muscle mass. Do you think the drugs have messed my metabolism up and if so, what is the best route to take?


There is so much missing information here that its impossible to say. I dont think that PPI’s literally “mess up your metablism” (meaning your cellular level processes that keep you alive), but its possible by altering your GI contents/acid level it does something to the way you process food.

A [study](http://Verizon workers can now be fired if they fix copper phone lines) did reveal a SMALL weight gain in subjects, but it was under 5 pounds, so not the kind of weight gain that would keep someone in the mid-twenties body fat level.

You might try posting your diet/training history and see what we can find out.


Okay, thanks bud. Did they have any study related to muscle gain? I’ll post more tomorrow due to not feelign well at the moment.


The study above was just “weight” … You will likely never find a study that specifically looks for muscle gain in the medical literature. 9/10 Its just a shotgun approach for side effects, and then sometimes if there is “smoke” they will go looking for “fire” with regard to a specific side effect.

But muscle gain… Dont hold your breath.


Right. Anyway, I’ve been lifting on and off for years, but my muscle mass has remained unchanged for years as well. I have 16" arms and 12" forearms. My upper body has always given me trouble. This is probably due to training more than anything, I know that; however I was able to loose weight before. The thing is, I lost weight rather easily, but only up to a point. I lost 30 pounds in 4-5 months, but then I couldn’t get past the 22-24% bodyfat mark. I tried lowering my calories lower and lower every two week, until I got to about 1,900 and saw no change. I was at 2,400 when I got down to 22-24% BF. Then, I couldn’t lift anymore because of my feet. I am/was flat footed. It got to the point where I couldn’t even run, or jog anymore due to my feet. I had surgery on my left foot and I am having surgery on my right foot next month. I gained weight during my recovery. I was about 208 and I’m now at 232. I’ve tried to loose weight and even got to 1,800. I tried that for a few weeks and noticed no change at all. I recently started lifting again, but I am only doing upper body exercises, that I can do seated; due to the fact that I have an arch in only one foot at the moment and I can’t squat and deadlift lopsided. So, I’ve just been doing seated preacher curls, hammer curls, dumbbell bench and seated dumbbell shoulder press. Since I didn’t loose any weight at 1,800 calories and I started lifting again, I upped my calories to around 2,200 because I was getting so hungry only eating 1,800 a day.

For reference, I am between 5’ 11" and 6’. I fluctuate between 1.81m and 1.82m.


I’ve been wondering if they can have an impact on testosterone levels as well.


My Gastro has me on a dairy free diet, in order to see if dairy triggers my GERD. I am still taking protonix for now. I’m going to talk to him about seeing if I have GERD without the pills and without dairy. He told me if it is dairy, I can ween off the pills. I have no idea if it is dairy. Dairy soesn’t SEEm to cause me reflux, but it does cause me bloating with milk, but not so much cheese and yogurt has caused my GERD to flare up in the past. I’ve never had much issues with ice cream. Maybe I am sensitive to dairy, but not extremely sensitive. shrugs


I was on nexium for a few years because I developed Barretts from the GERD. No difference in body composition whatsoever.

Been off it now for a year and still no difference.

Can’t see how they would affect your test levels.

Just follow the basic rules for minimizing GERD like eliminating dairy like your Dr said, smaller meals, no late night eating etc.


Any difference when it comes to muscle development?


No nothing at all. The only issue might be trouble digesting high protein solid meals and fats since stomach acid is lowered which could possibly lead to muscle loss from not getting in enough protein. But I dealt with this by supplementing with whey protein and easy to digest proteins because I did notice a lack of desire for protein when on nexium and more of a desire for carbs.


Hmmm, thank you for the information. Since the gastro has me going dairy free, I feel way better; no bloat feeling and joints feel much better.


Yeah mine told me same thing to start by eliminating dairy, but I didn’t stick to it. There’s something called the elimination diet where you start by eating only foods that are rarely known to cause problems in anyone and then keep adding foods as you go along to determine which ones are the offenders.


Sadly, I woke up today with reflux. I’m to the point where, I’m just going to look for a doc to give me a procedure. This doc sadly, was talking about having a separate pill to take at night! He is going to put a camera down my throat and get a better idea. I guess I’ll just have to find another doc, if he doesn’t want to give me the surgery. The only other thing I can think of, is trying digestive enzymes.


Regarding enzymes, I was looking at “Source Naturals Essential Enzymes 500mg, Full spectrum digestion with 8 active enzymes, 240 Capsules” at amazon.

I do not understand the amount of lactase needed. All I know is that it is measured in FCC and the digestive enzyme brand mentioned above contains 40 FCC. Lactaid pills contain 900 FCC units but that is enough to cover an entire gallon of milk. The digestive enyzmes mentioned above are the most affordable, especially if I use 5 pills a day, one for each meal. I have read some reviews on them that the dosage is too low however. If that is the case, it makes digestive enzymes unrealistically expensive. I eat 5 times a day, so a pill bottle of 90 is not going to last long at all.


To be honest I wouldnt know either. I used to think I was lactose intolerant but over time I’ve come to realize I have no problems with certain type of dairy but major problems with other types. For example I’m fine with yogurt and hard cheeses which I eat regularly but any decent amount of milk even lactaid brand is not tolerable. Cottage cheese and ricotta cheese destroy me even when it’s the lactaid cottage cheese.

You’re gonna have to experiment trial and error on what foods bother and which ones don’t. You might be surprised at what you can and can not tolerate. I can’t digest peppers or onions but have no problems with beans. I can go on and on.

I also wouldn’t be eager to jump on that surgery you talked about. If it’s the fundoplacation (sp?) surgery thats serious business not to be taken lightly.


Well, I can’t be on the pills the rest of my life and I’m convinced I won’t have the physique I want while I’m on them. So, the only thing to do is try the enzymes and if that doesn’t work think about surgery. I’ve had to get about 5 surgeries last year. Both feet, both ears(fluid drain) and septum surgery and now I’m convinced my ENT messed up the septum surgery. So, I’m pretty much desensitized when it comes to surgery at this point.


Update: I had a camera put down my throat today by my Gasto. It turns out that I have a hiatal hernia, that will require surgery. He told me I can keep taking the pills, but it’ll just get worse and he also confirmed that the pills do indeed interfere with protein absorption. He told me after surgery, I will never need to take reflux pills again.