Protocol Using Plazma & Surge Workout Fuel?

Can the experts suggest the best way to use Plazma and Surge Workout Fuel? Should they be used at the same time, or not? I’m just going to mix both of them together and go balls to the wall, but am wondering if there is a more effective protocol…

I’ll get the conversation started. I would use Surge Workout Fuel before your workout and then use Plazma during and after your workout.

Disclaimer: I don’t use Surge Workout Fuel. I use coffee then Plazma before, during, and after my workout.

Seems like overkill but if you are going forward with it, perhaps add some Indigo3G beforehand to aid uptake of all those carbs.

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Using both seems like a waste to me. If you have the Plazma, I’d just use that.