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Protocol to Grow Skinny Calves?

Hello bros of iron,
First, sorry I’m not good in english.

I know, many many many topics speak about it…
The calves, you have it or not. Genetic, high insertions.
I’m 1m75; 85kilos, 13%BF,but I always wear joggings, no calves

But maybe some of you, has maybe grow your calves to weak/skinny to normal with AAS, peptides, HGH ?

I’ve heard about some protocol like, peptides (IGF1-LR3 or PEP-MGF) locals injections of AAS.

Maybe you could you share your success ?


To grow your calves you have to train them. No amount of steroids is going to grow your calves without training them.

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Technically anabolic steroids will cause his calves to grow as they’d cause anyones calves to grow (with or without training if dose is high enough), anabolic steroids (when dosed high enough) put the body in a consistently anabolic state, being in an anabolic state means you will build lean tissue, how much is irrelevant, but to say nothing will happen if you take steroids and don’t train simply isn’t true, while it’s a fucking stupid idea as you’ll gain maybe 1/4th of what you could with AAS+training, it’ll do something.

Anyway, I’ll chime in here, growth potential of you’re calves will depend on

  • insertions (tendon and muscle)
  • ratio of type I/II fibres in said area ( and subtypes of type II fibres )
  • androgen receptor density in said muscle group
  • genetic response to nutrition
  • training

Finally, you’re calves may look small despite measuring large on tape due to shitty insertions, you might have 19 inch calves but the dude next to you whose calf MUSCLES literally go down to his ankles, therefore he can’t wear boots, has bigger looking calves with 14 in calves.

It’s like triceps, there are guys who are even smaller than I am, yet have far more aesthetic looking arms, lateral head of their tricep POPs, full, thick long head and dense medial head, these guys will have bigger looking triceps at 14 inches in circumference than I would at 17 inches (although upon flexion of arms it’s very obvious the difference between 14-17inches, no amount of genetics, presuming same height and leverages, can make the illusion of 3 inches in arm size when flexed)


You’re both correct. AAS make muscles grow…this isn’t news to anyone here. The very idea that anyone is considering AAS use simply because they’re unhappy with their CALF size is ridiculous, which was @Veteq’s point.
@johnpiana what does your current training regime look like with respect to calf development?
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There’s a guy who goes to my gym and he’s competitive. He looks like he’s carved out of onyx. He’s the perfect specimen. Then I saw him in shorts. The guy obviously works really hard, but he’s limited by his genetics. That’s how it is sometimes.

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When I was deployed a couple years back I trained at the same time of night as a few pretty ‘gym bro’ type guys. It started in the cold months and the gym was nothing more than a large canvas tent with little to no enviromental controls so naturally everyone was covered up to stay warm. These guys had respectable physiques, decent chests, good arms…etc.

I saw those same guys months later when it warmed up enough for folks to start wearing shorts and I swear it looked like they each had polio in their lower bodies. I’ve seen better legs on my plate at Hooters than these guys had. It was commically obvious that all these guys focused on was their upper halfs. I don’t even know how they were able to stand it was that bad.

My point is that while yes, we’re all slaves to our genetics, you still have to train if you want to grow.


I find that people who blame genetics for their weak calves are the same ones who either never train them, or only do a couple sets of seated calf raise by bouncing around a pitiful sum of weight. Arnold is a prime example of how with focused training, hard work and consistent training one can build strong calves.

This is my department. Shoutout to the bad calf genes squad. Here’s my experience on a working regiment:

  • first train them heavy like every other muscle group. Build big strength with lower reps.
  • once the strength in there jack up the intensity and lower the weight. I.E. drop sets, super sets, etc.
  • then switch to 3 days per week. Heavy training one day, drop sets one day, and high reps one day.
  • lastly after all this switch to weightless standing calf raises every time you are in the gym. Doing sets of 100+ and just pump them up and let it burn.

This whole process took about 4 months then I took a month off from calves all together. Grew 3 inches which was a miracle after 0 growth in 2 years of training.

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Thank to ALL for answer to my questions.

So I will try to reply all with my best english.

I train since 5 years old.
Like I said I’m 1m75; 85kilos, 13%BF, I eat 2800 to maintenance calories.
I always train hard, heavy, hard reps, old school.
I train calves hard 3x week a week, I tried all: 100 reps, drop set, slow reps, high reps, high weight, time under tension.
They look a little better.
Yeah Arnold example…But he has mid insertions so…He just trained like hell.

But I’ve weak genetic, high insertions SURE, but my “ankles” are really fine, circonference ALSO

So this is why my questions

-Any interest to inject AAS like test/tren or others compounds local injection. But YES IT HURT,really.
-Any protocol ? I saw sometimes in forum : IGF1-LR3/PEP-MGF
Maybe some HGH local too?


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Many people say to me it’s too dangerous / amputation

It is but my guess is @yubs was joking. I have super high calf insertions too. And I can get my calves to grow. So you can’t play the genetic card against me. You are doing something wrong.


So maybe share with more details your 3x training if you could, thank friend

It was a half hearted joke…I just cant for the life of me understand why calf size is important enough for anyone that they would consider AAS use JUST for calf size. @johnpiana do you complete or have a desire to compete? If the answer is NO then stop worrying about it. Train those bastards with different methods in a block form and see what if anything works…hen do more of that. They’re muscles…they’ll grow. Anyone who doesn’t like your calves can go f^&k themselves.

They look amazing in shorts especially when you walk. I just imagine everyone around me is admiring my genetically gifted dinner plate calfs that I probably only work once a month.

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I have terrible calf insertions, but at the same time I have short person legs so they look blocky (so that’s fine)

I don’t think it’s your calves @zeek1414…it’s dem glutes!

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If local AAS injections made targetted muscles larger then we’d all be walking around with Kim Kardashian butts. Want to inject to make your calves bigger use Synthol.

Because when you look ‘Bodybuilder’ but in shorts all people see it and say : he doesn’t train calves, chicken legs, because calves suck it’s hard to live.
Good upper, good legs (quads/glutes/hamstrings) but claves suck.

I get it…but I’ll say this again; why do you care what anyone else thinks about how your body looks?! Do you compete?
If the answer is NO then who cares what some body thinks other than the person you’re sleeping with (or are trying to sleep with). Is your ego so fragile that you need acceptance from complete strangers?