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Protocol to Come Off TRT (1 Injection per Month)

Age: 30
Recent stupid trt protocol: 8 shots of test cyp 200 mg in the total of 8 months. 1 shot for each month.
Initial test level: 700
test level After the stupid protocol: 586
E2: have not checked yet
body type: muscular. 8 years of professional sport experiences.
reason for trt: Let me be honest with you. at the age of 24 when i was competing, i have been asked to use a variety of steroids. i did it. when i got off of professional sport every thing was good. Almost 9 months ago i felt i am becoming tired so soon and i had lack of ambition and energy. Though those feeling were not that severe, i thought mt test level ,may be low and i checked it. It came out of 700. was told by doc that i am good, i insisted for the reason of enhancing my mood to receive testosterone injection. The doc did it. i did not receive any other drug during this 8 months. No Adex, no hcg. So after the 8 months i ended up of test level of 586 and i am feeling real bad.

After running around in this awesome forum and using your knowledge i am deciding to go for my last shot of test cyp. I am experiencing real bad feeling of excess estrogen in my body like brain fog, hot flash, tingling/needling sensation in my chest and my back and almost all over of my body, panic attack, poor concentration, very week muscle, pain around my chest and puffy shape around my nipples. I did the blood work and its gonna be ready for tomorrow to read. But i am assuming, based on what i am shit feeling, my E2 is on the roof. before to take any thing i wait to see my lab result. I will post it here to get help from you all. but i am thinking for following protocol:

week 1: (Monday: 100 mg of test cyp, 0.25 mg of anastrozole.
Thursday: 100 mg of test cyp, 0.25 mg of anastrozole.)
week 2: ( Monday: 0.25 mg of anastrozole
Thursday: 0.25 mg of anastrozole)

week 3: check my blood for T and E2. If E2 comes back close to 22. Then i am good. If it still stays high then i will go for another two weeks of anastrozole and check it again in the week after.

I am sure E2 will come back close to 22.

Then after two weeks of the date i injected last test cyp, i will go for Nolva for pct.

I need your thoughts on this. so please express any idea you may have.

Thank you all.

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