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Protocol for Injections Sticky Question on hCG

First, THANK YOU for the stickies! I really appreciate everyone who has taken time to share their knowledge.

My question is how do you determine the ideal balance between hCG & Test?

Background on the question:

Upon reading the stickies I asked my doc to prescribe hCG in conjunction with my TRT.
The doc prescribed 500 units 2x per week and lowered the test from 100 mg 2x/wk to 50 mg 2x per week explaining that the hCG would also raise my testosterone levels.

The sticky recommends 250 units EOD which comes out to be about 20% lower than what my doc prescribed. So it got me thinking if both hCG & test raise the testosterone levels, how do you determine which one should be adjusted?

Your T production from hCG depends on your testes. Less for older guys VS younger. The half life of hCG not quite up to 3.5 days. You may need more of one or the other. Labs will be helpful but you have those someplace else.

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