Protocol for HCG to Raise Testosterone and keep E Levels Down

Hi guys Im going to use hcg to raise my test levels, I’ve used it before and it worked great and then all of a sudden it stoped working, (probably raised E levels)
Can somebody advise me the correct way to use Hcg?

Your response to HCG is typical, it works in the beginning and the effect tapers off, you need TRT.

HCG stimulates the bottom half of the testicles and suppresses the top half, that’s one of the reasons why it’s not very effective.

Also estrogen blockers can’t effect E2 inside the testicles and is why it’s not the best method to replace testosterone.

Hi systemlord thabks fir your reply…
What’s my next step or option?
I’m 31 and want to have kids in the next few years.

I was on trt and came off it nearly 1year ago… I was on sus 250 1mm every 2weeks

Lots of men are having babies on TRT, adding HCG and FSH to a TRT protocol. Freezing sperm is a option.

What’s FSH mate?

Is it out of the question a restart would work?

FSH is responsible for sperm production, LH for testosterone production and after you start TRT LH and FSH will drop to zero, stopping TRT will cause both to increase again to pre-TRT. Lots of men go on TRT and when it’s time for kids there are many options, stop TRT and restart the HPTA, add FSH and HCG to your TRT protocol, add Clomid to your TRT protocol to increase LH and FSH.

TRT isn’t a death sentence for fertility. Successful restarts after stopping Clomid are very rare, I can only remember 1 such case in over a year, after 30 your odds drop dramatically.

Ok is it Just a waste of money using testosterone boosters?
I got bloods done yesterday so I’ll go see my doctor this week at some stage and get back on trt.
What’s the best dosage?and type of testosterone? To prevent my testosterone levels peaking and then dropping in the second week?

Testosterone boosters are 100% a scam, there’s a reason why the state in small print, “this product is not designed to treat or diagnose medical conditions”, because you might not seek treatment from a doctor falsely believing this could cure hypogonadism. The devil is in the details.

They can’t sell false hope when there really isn’t any, imagine people dropping dead because they thought it would work, otherwise that’s a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

I can tell you injection frequency is dictated by your SHBG level, I’m lower SHBG so I’m force to inject every other day, or everyday would be better for me to help better control estrogen, I’m just not at the point where I want to stick myself every day. It’s more about the hassle.

If your doctor doesn’t believe in monitoring and managing estrogen, walk out, run away from this doctor and don’t look back. Testosterone cypionate is the most popular, it has an average 8-10 half life, less if you have lower SHBG. We commonly see doctor putting guys on terrible protocols (200mg every 2 weeks) which only puts men on a hormonal roller coaster.

Levels need to be stable with as little fluctuation as possible, this translates into your feeling good, fluctuations will make you like a menopausal women…

Ok cool how often should my doctor be checking E levals? The problem is he costs me a fortune every time I see him…($400) just to see him, he put me on a detox 4 months ago, cost me $4000 and I don’t feel any better

I’m with Defy Medical who offers telemedicine, everything is mailed to me. It averages out to $1300-$2000 per year includes consults, medicine and labs. You’re paying too much!

Are they in Australia?

Your abit closer to antarctica than me, Defy is in US. You don’t even have the correct estrogen test available. This makes TRT much harder.

Ok cool,
Thanks so much mate for replying to me I will go see my doctor this week and refer to what you have told me,
It’s a total head fuck…

You’re welcome.

No doubt, it took me awhile to come to terms will all of these tests and how to interpret them all.

When you say we don’t have the right E tests here what do you mean? They are more advanced in the US?

You can only get the LC/MS/MS test in the USA, it’s designed for men and is more sensitive. The ELISA test was designed for females, men have lower levels of circulating estrogen and require the more sensitive LC/MS/MS method. Still doctors in the US are still using the ELISA test on males and basing the estrogen blockers dosages on faulty values.

The end result is men are crashing their estrogen because the wrong test shows higher than actual levels. The new lab testing method only just got approved for use in the UK, it may be time before we actually see it used.

If a man’s estrogen is truly elevated the ELISA will overstate the levels, however if around 20 pg/mL it may show accurate. It pays to use the correct test if available, this isn’t a horse race where we should be betting with our health.

Ok cool
Thanks systemslord your a gent :+1:

You’ll be able to monitor E2 with the ECLIA test. Get a baseline and pay attention to any high or low E2 symptoms. Follow-up labs will evaluate E2 elevation from testosterone aromatizing to E2. There are pros and cons to the two testing methods. Rely on how you are feeling.