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Protocol for Cycle

Can anyone help? I came off cycle of 400 mugs of test, and 200 mg Tren Ace, with 350 deca for 10 weeks. I used tamoxifen and P5P for antis and haven’t done a shot for TRT yet. It’s been 1 week and libido and hard on are shit! Obviously I f’ed up somewhere! Can anyone guide me to get it back! Desperate!

You have two drugs in there that are notorious for limp noodle. When did your issues start? Just go back to a reasonable TRT dose with no AI and ride it out. Could take several weeks but you should return to normal function.

Thanks for the help! I appreciate it! I knew they would cause some issues, but wasn’t expecting that!

Issue started at about 6 weeks in! I will try what you advised! Thanks!