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'Protocol' Brand Products at Dick's ? Any Good ?

I was in Dick’s Sporting Goods the other day, and saw their line of powerlifting equipment. Power Cage, Adjustable Bench, Power Bar, etc.

They looked pretty slick. Prices were pretty good. They didn’t seem too bad at first glance.

Does anyone have any experience with these products? Do they hold up at all?

I’m mostly looking for a cage for under $300. Nothing has popped up on Craigslist for the month or two that I’ve been looking. Just one basic Powerline that is rusted, dented and bent for $200.

The Protocol website: http://www.protocolny.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=page.display&page_id=24
Looks like they just import random crap from China.
Toy helicopters, TV Screen Cleaner, Luggage, Digital Bathroom Scales, Thermometer Forks, etc.

Guess I answered my own question, unless someone chimes in here raving about them?

A friend of mine made a wooden cage for about 40 bucks and he regualarly puts 4 or 500 bills on it for squats and has pins in it for rack pulls

He’s had it since 07. And has only had to repaint it a few times. It holds up real good…if you’re good with tools n such.

About the dicks stuff…play around with it in the store and see how it feels?

Looks like it’s gone from the stores and the website. Couldn’t have been that good, if it’s discontinued already.

Good idea… it didn’t really occur to me to look into building my own. I’m going to explore that route for now, thanks.

Mustve been awful lol

Yea, google build wooden squat rack and you will find some nice blueprints. Good luck.