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Protocol Before Morning Workout


How does this look - is it in line with your recommendations? I work out first thing when I wake up. Thanks!

30min- 37.5g carb,12.5g CHY ,1/2 electro
15min- 37.5g carb,12.5g CHY, 1/2 electro
During Workout: 12.5g CHY, 12.5g WHY
15min+ 25g WHY, 25g carb
90min+50g WIS

electro - electrolite formula
CHY - Casein Hydrolysate
WHY - Whey Hydryolysate
WIS -Whey Isolate
carb - simple carb formula


The problem is that it's not only about protein and carbs. For example some carbs are better suited than others. Then there are several other ingredients in Surge Workout Fuel and Surge Recovery that are needed for the protocol to work optimally.


I've been attempting to get your opinion on my protocol coach without current access to anaconda if you have some time:

-60W: 1 Finibar
-30W: 2 scoops Surge Workout Fuel
-15W: 2 scoops Surge Recovery + creatine
0: Lift - consume 15g CH during session
+60W: 15g CH + Finibar


From my understanding, the finibar should be at the 45 point mark and you should have a mix of SWF and CH during ur session...also PW carbs are not needed so no need for the finibar at +60, maybe up the CH then as well.


Is it a good idea to have BCAAs, creatine and/or glutamine immediately upon waking in the morning, 20-30' before breakfast?

(assuming that we will workout much later in the day, after 2-3 meals)