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Protocol adjustments

Hey guys - I keep getting asked if I’m able to analyze protocols in more depth personally. If you’re having issues and it needs to go more in depth than posting on a forum you can email me. I am on maternity leave still and have some time to take on a few more guys.

To all the new guys here too - this is a tremendous forum with support and knowledge for everyone. So welcome!

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Can you help based on symptoms and feeling for those of us who can’t get regular bloods right now?

That’s what I prefer to go by in the first place :slight_smile: @everest

How can I email you?

@everest my email is in my bio.

That would make sense… oops.

I’d love to have you as my doctor. A bodybuilder / hormone expert . Match that up against my doctor - about 4 stone over weight and the knowledge of sticking a plaster on a cut or dishing out destructive meds like smarties. Example - doctor I think I have low test. ( doc ) - no son you are still in range at 300… Your problem is depression - here start taking these anti depressants and anti anxiety meds…

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@Rizla81 shoot me an email.

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Once my cycle is done I’ll email you for sure. There is probably no point with the juice I’m on. Plus I am from the UK or I’d be joining up at the clinic. Is there no way to prescribe someone in another country ?

That’s damn fine of you sir. I know it’s not worth much, but you definitely have my respect.

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@Rizla81 what I typicslly do is revamp protocols
You’re on. There is a ton we can accomplish with food, supplements, and lifestyle adjustments. If you can’t find a good source for trt that can also be figured out.

@bmbrady77 means a lot man. Thank you.

I will definitely shoot u up an email in the coming days. I’d be very interested in hearing your outlook on things. cheers bud

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Also. Sometimes you need bbq.


Looks Tasty man

Life is all about balance that’s for sure.