Proto Whey

anybody use this protein? It’s 100% hydrolyzed whey. How does hydrolyzed whey compared to hydrolyzed casein in MAG-10? Would you still get the same effects from pulsing? It’s much cheaper than MAG-10.

You are posting this on a forum sponsored by the makers of MAG-10. What kind of answer do you expect?

it’s a completely different type of protein so I was hoping for a real answer

If I remember correctly hydrolyzed whey is not as fast as hydrolyzed casein. I’m not sure about that, though. There was some discussion about that many moons ago.

More importantly, MAG-10 is not JUST hydrolyzed casein. It’s high-quality HC, plus leucine, plus citrulline malate. And you get awesome flavouring with it.


pretty much the same in terms of recovery-both excellent