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Protine delema over measurement of body weight?

First Question: To measure how much protein to consume I have to take a measurement of body weight. My lean body mass is 230 while my actual weight is 290. Which one of these numbers do I multiply by 1.5 to get my actual necessary amount of protein needed total for the day.

Next Question: I also have a hard time getting 70 grams down which I am currently eating for 5 meals a day equaling 350 total for the day. Because of the large amount of protein I am required to eat I have very little choice but to buy myself some shakes. With all the different types of shakes is there any that stand above the others?

Next Question: Does weigh protein constitutes a complete protein or do I need to add some sort of grain to complete the protein.

Thank You

Hi, Big Pete. I’ve asked the same question in the past. There are two camps, two points of view on the subject, but I would say if you’re using 1.5g of protein as your multiplier, I’d calculate it based on LBM. For one, you’re having trouble meeting your protein requirements to begin with. And, two, logically, if you were terribly obese, say 420 pounds, I couldn’t see trying to take in 630g of protein per day. You’re just trying to take in enough protein to preserve LBM, not TBW.

Pete, is there any way you could squeeze in a couple of more meals, with shorter duration between meals or possibly a middle of the night feeding? Protein is most efficiently utilized in smaller amounts (say 50g) more frequently. Try eating every 2.5 to 3 hours and squeeze in a protein shake mid sleep cycle.

Another thing, if you’re eating too many carbs and drinking water at the same time, your stomach will swell. Try switching to your green veggie carbs and away from your starchy carbs. You’ll have less problems meeting your protein requirements and be less full and enjoy a lower caloric intake along with increased fat loss. What’s not to love. (grin)

Last recommendation, include something like Surge mid and post workout. Calculate it based on your body weight, and you’ll have no problems upping your protein. It goes down REAL easy, doesn’t make you feel full, and it will promote anabolism and eliminate post-workout catabolism. Try it once and you’ll be hooked. Tastes like angel food cake.

In answer to your last question, whey protein is a complete protein. No need to add anything to it.

While TT’s advice above is good, the fact is that none of us can give you anything really specific regarding how much protein to consume until you tell us what your goal is. So what are you trying to accomplish here?