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Two questions I have that may require the same answer.

How many grams of protein should I put in a single protein shake for best results?

How much protein can the average meathead’s body use at one time?

There have been no valid studies on how many grams of protein a person can handle at one time. It really depends on how many calories you are eating and the amount you will get from protein. If you are eating 200 g of protein then try to split it up into 6 meals. They all don’t have to be equal but you want to spread your protein throughout the day.

Under conditions without androgen supplementation, 35-40 grams is good generally speaking. With androgen supplementation I prefer more like 60-65 grams.

Mine changes with calories. Usually, my protein/carb meals contain 50-70g protein and my protein/fat meals contain 60-80g protein. Usually half of the protein comes from powder.

Dude, the following formula is probably your best bet. Eat approximately 1 g of protien per pound of body weight. So if you weigh 200lbs, eat approximately 200g. If you have any fat, you probably dont want to count it. So if you weigh 200lbs, “should” weigh 180lbs then eat 180 or so g of protein. And of course this is approximate. It wont kill you to get a little more or less, but if you need 180 and your getting 60, your not gonna see the gains you want. As for your protein shakes, use as many scoops as you like - personally I use 2 (42g protein) after lifting and get the rest of my protein from food.

I try to get 50-60 in my solid meals and 40-50 in my shakes.

How much does the “average meathead” weigh?