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What kinds of protein do you guys feel are the most effective for gaining qaulity LMuscle? I use mostly chicken and tuna as it’s more cost effective. Whats the best-beef,egg whites, tuna,chicken,fish etcc…? I intake 350-400 grams a day,but I would like to know what you guys think is the best.Thanx

If you’re talking whole-food and cost-efficiency, hands down…whole eggs.

whole eggs, prefferably hardboiled. According to Serrano this is the top protein source.

If I could afford it I would eat beef 5 days a week. I know it doesn’t have as high a bv as eggs, milk and whey protein, but no other food makes me feel as strong as beef.

LOVE ground sirloin. Lean ground beef. Buffalo. Chicken. I’ll eat oatmeal with one egg. But my preference is definitely red meat. And we’ll eat pork, too.

Definitely a staple…

Curious…why hard boiled?


Eggs; a good Protein Powder like AP (I’m getting on the “bandwagon” and now looking at protein powders as food!); Salmon; Turkey; lean beef…

serrano didnt specifically say hardboiled, but he did say you want the whole egg. Also we all know you need to cook it. When you scramble an egg, although i dont know this for sure, ive read that breaking up the yolk causes the fats in it to oxidize. Basically what ive heard is that the cholesterol in the egg wont hurt you or it coudl even be beneficial, but once it oxidizes (supposedly) it is much worse. I guess you could poach the eggs but sometimes that doesnt fully deal with salmonella issues.

For me, the most cost effective protein source is venison. But whole eggs, preferably farm fresh, are a close second.

Hard boiled eggs are handy, they keep well and have their own carrying case. Beef and chicken are also good, so is seafood. All are good, so eat up, change it up once in a while. Salmon and steelhead would be on our table every week if I had the time to go fishing.

Actually when you think about it, one dozen egg whites only has 38 grams of protein. Say out of those 12 eggs you have 4 of them with the yolk. That still gets you 50 grams.
Personally i like fat free cottage cheese (not the taste), you dont have to prepare it or anything, i just eat it as is. It gives you about 85 grams of protein per 500 grams. Thats 2 meals taken care of. Its perfect.

Are there any fast-absorbtion proteins other than whey?