Protien Shelf Life?

How long would protein last if say i premixed/blended with water/milk… like i made a whole huge batch and just left it in my fridge… can i do that or how long would it last. And on a side note what do u recommend protien with water or with milk? I know milk has casein which slows down ur metabolism and promotes muscle growth. Thanx for your help

I always mix my protein with skim milk for added calories and protein (slow absorbing at that) but I’m a hard gainer and don’t bloat very bad.

Regardless of whether its with milk or water I think you’re fine for hours at least. I have a buddy that mixes like 4 servings of Grow! in a huge thermos and sips on it throughout his classes.

Another option is just to keep a shaker on hand and keep the powder in it or plastic bags, then just add water and shake when needed. Usually a good solution as you can find water easily and shake and down a shake pretty quickly.