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Protien powder when your muscles are still developing

Hey i am 15 years old and am looking into taking protein powder in addition with my workout and nutrition plan. And was just wondering if you are young, and your muscles are still developing wether you should take protien powder, and if there are any risks at all. So if you guys can give me some advice or tell me about any problems that could occer, that would be great…Thanks

Whole food proteins are always best (perhaps with the exception of post-workout), but protein powders aren’t going to hurt you.

Protein is protein. Whether you eat chicken, beef or protein powder. We use powders because they are convenient and one of the best sources of protein out there. Feel free to use protein powder, but only if you have a dietary plan. Don’t waste your money if you don’t know what you are buying. Protein powder won’t make you get bigger. Proper training, diet and supplementation will. Do your homework and then buy the protein powder.

Hey “CC” i too used Protein Powders when i was 15 and it did nothing to my health but it didn’t do any difference in muscle mass either. Like Jason said it will waste your money if you don’t have a proper diet and workout plan with it. Change your workouts every three weeks or so (different days, different muscle at different times you know).I tried that now being 19 and man it works i gained 6 pounds of muscle in 3and a half weeks. I am a tall and skinny(that is where my name derives from) so 6 pounds was like wow!..so do some more research like jason said and eat your calories too. Peace
Oh and i suggest you make sure your powders have Caseinate and Whey which are the best quality proteins avalable (prolly would be better if they were the only proteins the powder had) Later

only risk i know of is increased muscle growth…

Protein powder is simply condensed food. You are asking if it is okay to eat. So yes eat food. I would stick to protein blends with casein, why, and egg.

i wouldnt waste the money on protein powder unless you are planning to go on a high protein diet, of which your protein shakes are only a small portion. personally, i would concentrate on eating a dozen eggs and drinking a half gallon of milk throughout the day, everyday, not just training days. then, eat your regular meals and use Biotest Surge after your workout as it is the best post workout recovery drink available. make sure you take it within 45 mins of working out though so it will help counter the catabolic state your body will be in. but alone, protein shakes will give you an averare of 30g of protein when you need 1g of protein per lb of body weight everyday. so, i suggest not wasting your money unless you plan on taking your diet seriously.