Protien Powder in Pill Form????

A friend of mine asked me if there was any other form of protein that he coud take besides powder, food, or bar because he hated the taste. I said not to my knowledge. I told him about GROW, but he asked me if there was a pill form for taking the protein powder. I know there are amino acids in pill form, but is there a reason why you could not take the protein powder and put it in a gelatin capsules and swallow them? I know the number of pills would probably be ridiculous. (30-45 pills). But he just got me to thinking, “Why could this not be done?” It seems like this alternative might allow people who just won’t stomach the taste of the powders, and you would not need to mix them, so it could be even more convenient. Would all the gelatin (160 capsules a day) be hard on your stomach?

Tell your friend to stop being a little pussy and eat some chicken. And if he doesn’t like the taste of Grow he won’t like anything. And I don’t buy he “doesn’t like the taste of protein”. He doesn’t like meat - beef, poultry, fish? No dairy product at all - milk, cottage cheese? Jeez, at least make try some Grow bars or shakes. Gosh, I bet he’s an animal in the gym with an attitude like that.

I did see an ad for pill form protein about a year ago. I think it was Ultimate Nutrition, I can’t quite remember. It seems to me though it would a rather pricey way to get your aminos.

Yeah, Ultimate Nutrition puts its whey protein in pill form.

I always kick ass in my struttin’ to the oldies class after a few whey pills. What the fuck! Tell this guy to grow a pair of balls and start sucking down protein! You would not believe the shit I’ve put down my gullet before the fine folks at Biotest decided to take pity on us and develop Grow. If this guy doesn’t want to suffer a little, don’t waste your time attempting to train him!

Strongly agree with all the “your friend’s a pussy” comments.

Still, if he absolutely HAS to have his protein in a pill form, tell him to try dessicated liver. You can find it in any GNC, it’s cheap, effective and (despite the rather strange smell) has no taste whatsoever.

Why would anyone waste fine-tasting protein powder like GROW in a pill form??? Vanilla Grow makes the BEST fruit smoothie. A perfect P+C meal. YUM YUM.