Protien Powder Distress?

Have any of you ever had problems digesting certain brands of protien powders?

Recently I purchased a different brand (Good name brand) than what I am used to. I began to get pain in my stomach and intestine area as well as a slight pain in my testicles. I went to the doctor thinking I had torn a muscle or worse. I ran blood test and even had an ulrasound down on my abdomin area. Everything turned out OK, The Dr. stated that he thinks I have a irritation in my intestines from an allergy. The only thing I can think of that could have sparked this is the new PP that I started around the same time the pain came.

So the question is, have any of you ever had such a thing happen to you from using a new product?

Well I get a little bit of bloating from the vanilla whey concentrate I bought but nothing that bothers me. MY TESTICLES CERTAINLY AREN’T SORE. I’m scared of your protein powder mate.

Doc stated that the pain in the testicles could be from the intestine problems, giving a pressure on them. Don’t be frightened of the powder, I’ll protect you, I killed it anyway!!