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Protien keeps me awake

Does protien powders taken before bed keep anybody awake? I have a problem if I take a whey before I go to bed I can’t fall asleep for atleast 3 hours afterward. I can even take a sleeping pill and is still keeps me awake. Does this affect anyone else?

Me too. I often find it much more difficult to go to sleep when I take a protein powder before bed. Its nothing like three hours for me though.
Im going to try having it warm rather than cold, maybe that will be less of a shock to the system.

Same thing happens with me. I figured maybe it was the high tyrosine to tryptophan ratio that causes it.

Doesn’t bother me a bit. Hell, I can’t sleep if I’m hungry so my Low Carb Grow! shake before bed helps me sleep. Some people can’t sleep after eating though. So it may not be protein powder doing it, but food in general. Does it happen with all food? Have you tried a smaller shake?

I’m the same way as TEK. Can’t sleep if I don’t have my last meal. Maybe try eating a little further from bed time. Start with an hour and back off as necessary.

I sleep much better when I have some carbs, with protein of course, before bed. Having just protein or protein and fat will keep me awake.

Well, I can’t eat at all before bed. Due to my asthma. If I try to sleep with a full stomach, my breathing becomes too restricted - and boom, I’ve got issues. But don’t carbs before bed release something into the body that is a aid in relaxing the body - eventually helping you fall to sleep?

And, doesn't ANYONE just drink a warm cup of milk anymore?

Whey protien shakes and bars alike, especially Meal Replacements, are designed to be absorbed quickly. The sudden uptake of 200-400 calories could be the reason you’re up for an extra hour or two…