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Protien Intake


Reading around in the forums i read some where that for each lb you weigh you need to consume 1g of protien so my weight of 130lb >130 grams of protien a day to gain muscle.

And does it matter if all my protien intake is from supplements or does it have to be more 50/50 Powders/meats.

Currently i am eating 2 tins of tuna a day and then 3whey shakes of 2 scoops is this enough or too much whey?

Thanks in advance for any help guys.


Your protein intake shouldn't be entirely from supplements, because you should get at least some through the food you eat, lol. You should aim to be having protein with every meal.

It doesn't really matter how much of it comes from shakes, but it's better for it to come from food.

1g per pound of bodyweight should be the minimum you aim for imo. I would rather see you aiming for 1.5-2g per pound, but there is a lot of debate on this figure.

Either way, you sound like you should be eating more than you are now.


Your eating 2 tins of tuna a day? Tuna is a great source of Protein yes, but it also has a very high Mercury content which your body cannot process easily. So if you eat a lot of Tuna you get a large build up of Mercury in your body, this is NOT a good thing.
I'm not suggesting you stop eating Tuna, but I think you should definitely cut way back. Chicken and Turkey breasts, red meat, egg whites, any other kind of fish are also good sources of protein. Buy Fresh.

Ditto everything else w00tage said.


The danger from tuna is kind of overblown. Unless you're a pregnant woman, it's probably safe to eat a can a day (though 2/day might be pushing it). Also note that regular "chunk light" tuna has much less mercury than albacore.




good quality whey is fine. it's food afterall. the shortcomings to consider are micronutrients and fiber. you also need fat in your diet to be healthy and so depending upon whey shakes will likely leave you short.

and, anyway, you need calories to grow, not just protein. i find it helpful to mix a scoop (or 2) of whey in raw milk, and throw in a spoon of fiber and a scoop of one of those greens+ products like the Biotest Superfood. that'll give you some good calories, a little fat, micronutrients, antioxidants, etc, along with the added protein.

Waterbury gave me good advice when he said to try to plan all your snacks and meals around a protein source (eg. eggs for breakfast and cheese and carrots as a snack).