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Protien Insider +mag 10

I got 2 questions
1st I just read the protien insider article and it says the major leading selling on the market has a low quality product so i am wondering who is the writer talking about?
Is it Designer Whey it is talking about? Reason is I started taking there new time realeased whey and well if it truly is inferior i am gonna stop using it.

2nd question is what sort of doses are people taking for Mag-10 and what sort of results are they getting?

I am new to this forum and think it kicks ass people seem cool and knowledgeable.As for me i am 6’0" 220 bout 15% bodyfat and still trying to get bigger I am using desiner whey and Myostat. Might add Mag-10 depending on the answers I recieve

I don’t know if he was talking about Designer, but the nighttime proteins are a waste. T-mag has talked about this alot. John Berardi wrote a whole article on why they’re now better than some cottage cheese or the like. The article is called “Bedtime Story”. Look it up and stick to Low Carb Grow, one of the few high quality proteins out there. Also search here on the forum for the MAG-10 Support Group threads. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

guys, the brand he is referring to was already mentioned in the article by the time the “clue” was, hint hint hint.

No, that was the other brand in colorado “playing games” with their claims on whey isolates.

i just check the article again I must having been spacing the 1st time cause is says metrex right there

That’s why you have to only buy Biotest products because they are always superior. I’m throwing away all my Met-Rx products right now and demanding a refund for all of my money wasted. Biotest - a friend of the consumer!!!

He was referring to Designer protein in the article when he said the leading brand of whey. He was talking about EAS when he said the other colorado based co. If you look on the ingriedients of designer whey they tell you in a beat around the bush way that it is just whey concentrate. If you dont believe me look at the ingriedients yourself. I still dont think there is anything wrong with concentrate as I dont get the digestion problems that most people associate with way, but if you are concerned about it just make sure the first ingriedient on your protein is some type of isolate or hydrolysate.

Sorry, but I gotta disagree a little bit with that “Protein Insider” article. Now, let me preface this by stating that I think that Designer’s new slow-release protein with that “GlycerLean” or whatever they call it is a bunch of crap. But I don’t believe their regular whey protein is crap. In fact, I remember an article in T-Mag written by, I think, Chris Shugart, in which he stated that he didn’t think the five pound canisters of protein were anywhere near the quality of the more expensive two pounders. If I remember right, he said that if you can’t get Biotest’s Advanced Protein, then Designer Protein was a “decent” alternative. Personally, I fluctuate between the economical (five-pounders), like HDT 5+1 whey, Optimum Nutrition, or EAS Simply Whey, and the quality (two-pounders) like Advanced Protein, Osmo or Dymatize. Now, I’m not saying that all protein powders or protein bar ingredients are created equal, or that every company is honest to the consumer about what’s in their protein powder, but I do believe there are several supplement companies who, like Biotest, have integrity with regard to their products.

jcbart- Just remember that Chris wrote that long before this new info came out from the insider TC interviewed. He may have changed his mind. I stick to Grow! myself. Can’t wait for the Grow! MRP to come back out. Right now I just add skim milk to the low carb Grow if I want more of an MRP.

Designer claims to be the number one whey protein seller on the market. So I’m sure the protein insider was referring to Designer. I have used Designer a long time. Lately, I’ve read other information about Designer that says they mispresent their label claims. Check out the Protein Factory website for more information on Designer label claims. Does this mean it’s not a good product and won’t work? I don’t know. In fact, I don’t know who to believe in these protein wars. But, I can’t tolerate misleading label claims. It creates customer distrust, even if the product works. I no longer use Designer for this reason, switching to the Protein Factory for my protein powders.