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Protien Cycling

Ive just read an article on this site by Marcus Jones on protien cycling.(copy and paste link if you have not read it www.testosterone.net/html/10maxim.html) Personally I think that his idea is too drastic, but I would like some more opinions on this. I think protien cycling would have its advantages but only 40 grams a day seems extremely low.

The feedback on this was that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. If you do a search I’m sure the article will come up. It talks about it in the diet manifesto but I think somewhere else as well.

Have been practicine protein cycling for some time now and definetely know first hand that it works.As far as the article you brought up,I have posted in the past that I recommend you substitute the high carbs for a high fat diet(keto).What people have to realize is that everyone responds differently to certain things,such as,high protein diet,some get fat,some gain mass.Same can be said about carbs,If i eat more than 75 grams per day for a while,I’ll get fat.So what seems to be drastic to one individual,might be a neccessity route for another if they want to see a difference.If you find that your gains have plateud due to you high protein diet,shock your body with a low protein diet.

T-mag said is didn’t work for most people. Also Cy Willson wrote an article about why it didn’t work. Can’t recall the title right now, but a search for his name and “protein cycling” with the search engine at T-mag should bring it up.

I’ve had some success with it while on a cutting cycle. It is possible to actually lose fat and gain some muscle while remaining “natural.” I havn’t read the above article, but have used Torbjorn Akerfeldt’s recommendations, the author of the ABCDE diet, with success. It’s from an old Muscle Media 2000 article which you can find here:

http://www.musclemedia.com/ training/abcde/v61_abc4.html

It's definately worth a read, and not as extreme as the article you mentioned.

There has been a LOT of discussion about this in the past. You should definitely do a search on the topic and read up.