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Protien Content Charts

I am looking for any place on the web or in print to find the protien content of foods. What I’m basically looking for is a chart or a listing of common foods(eggs, chicken, tuna, pinto beans) with their amount of protien in grams or easily equatable measurement. Can anyone help? Thanx


it is also a free food log online…


This site is kinda cool because they have many options for serving size for each food you pick.

Corrine Netzers book of food counts.

Portable reference…in paperback

Buy a book. In this case, the low-tech option is more convenient.

Second Iron Maiden- Netzer’s gives all the info you need, is portable, and also gives you fast food joint info too- in case you get stuck and have to make the best of what you can find to keep you going for now.

-lean meats are around 25% protein before cooking.
Thats my horrifically inaccurate way of measuring protein when i just cant be fucked.
200g of meat at each meal and you’re sorted
other than that
-eggs have 3.5g per white (about 6g for the whole egg)
-Milk… read the label!!!
-protein powder… read the label
-cottage cheese…read the label (you get the idea)