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protien bars how many carbs

Hi Guys alot of companies are have protien bars but i’ve heard theres a carb which is not recgonised as a carb by the fda but is used in these bars to secretly increse the carbs to make the bars more tasty can anyone tell me more about this please

yeah, it’s called glycerin. it’s a laboratory hack that is kind of in macronutrient limbo. it’s not included in the nutritional breakdown on most low carb protein bars that contain it. if you total up the grams of most bars they won’t add up to the calorie total. but if you look really closely towards the bottom of the label you will see a note in fine print that says glycerin is not a carb, but has a caloric value of 4.32 cals/gram. kind of sneaky. from what i understand the body still metabolizes glycerin as a carb so it is a bit disingenuous to say it’s not a carb. some companies actually list glycerin on the label, but not many. i wonder if Mr. Berardi could shed some light on the glycerin conspiracy. hope this helps. kevo

There is a lot of confusion and controversey surrounding glycerine in the protein bar industry. If the amount is not given on the label, it can be easily calculated.

Some say it’s a carb, some not. It’s definitely not protein! I can’t really going into all the physiology of the compound–glycerol is actually part of fatty acids–but the one thing I wanted to point out is that I have read in more than one location that glycerine affects neither insulin nor blood-glucose levels.