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Protest Warrior -- Amusing Stuff

Swamped at work yet again – won’t get out of here until after 2 AM yet again most likely. Yet I wanted to share this amusing site while I grabbed a bite for dinner:


This guy goes to protests and somewhat covertly protests the protestors, proving once again that the best remedy for dumb or “dangerous” speech is more speech. I love the 1st Amendment. I may have to get one of his t-shirts. Enjoy.

The protest pictures are hilarious!

Hell yeah they are. Those people are nutjobs.

I looked through the “protester” pictures as well. Man, some of those people are just… well, if we funded all the social programs they wanted they would be medicated or locked up! Kind of ironic.

Yeah, these guys are awesome. I posted about em like a month ago but nobody replied to my post about them.

Nice one, BB! I may have to get that “Except for…” shirt myself…

I always thought it would be funny to infiltrate some protests, but somebody is already doing it, exactly as I imagined it. Great for them. Maybe we can start franchises all around the country.

One of the funniest smart things I’ve ever seen. Thanks BB