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Hi guys,

I piss foam all the time! I've heard this can be caused by proteinuria.

I don't know why I can't absorb my protein. I'm not happy! I need that protein!

Anyone else have this problem? What can I do to help it?

Had blood tests done - kidney function is perfect apparently.


How much protein are you eating daily and how much do you weigh?


All those times your mom washed out your mouth with soap are having a foamy reaction now.


Couple options:

1) Do you masturbate and/or have sex then take a piss? You could have other things in your urine.

2) Is what ever bubbling already in the toilet water? Like a cleaning solution, 2000 flushes cartridge, or weird well water?

3) You drank bubbles, like ID already said.


Not that much actually man. I weigh 182lbs and eat about 180g protein. Although, this makes no difference to the problem. I've lowered protein to about 80g for a few days and still have the same issue.

I think I may not be absorbing nutrients... I've also had the problem of smelling of ammonia which is another purported side-effect of not absorbing protein. But apart from this I seem to have major body aches lately. It's all pretty weird.


  1. Sometimes this obviously happens, but not usually. I get this problem all day unless I've drank like a litre of water since I last went, next time it will be back.

  2. No nothing like that.

  3. Should hope not... Maybe I drink bubble bath in my sleep. Hah na... I drink water, green tea and milk only.




I agree. I really do. My Doctor on the other hand keeps urging me to rest, drink plenty of water etc. Pretty hard to do when your already drinking nearly 4 litres a day...

I've mentioned some of the nastier symptoms such as smelling of ammonia/cat piss and the man basically didn't even acknowledge what I said! I think his response was "Hmm". He did do some blood tests a few months ago and told me everything came back 'perfect' as far as I know he tested white blood cells, testosterone, cholesterol and kidney function. At least that's what he said. Also my doctor refuses to do more blood tests because he says that nothing new could have developed since the last set of tests. It's really very frustrating and I'm considering changing doctors.

I'm also pretty sure I'm being treated this way because I have generalized anxiety disorder (I'm not treated for this - prefer the exercise route to tranquilizers myself!) I basically think that because of my history of anxiety, he think's I'm just being a hypochondriac.

I'm actually very disgusted by the healthcare system in the United Kingdom now. It's a complete joke. They just treat everyone like cattle, prescribe anti-biotics and send them on their merry way.

Was hoping you folk would know something about this, but I guess it's not normal even in bodybuilding circles.


The ammonia smell can happen when your body is in ketosis. If you've been going really low carb for a while that might be the culprit. But the foamy pee is just bizarre.


I suspected ketosis, it did start when I was a month into the anabolic diet. Never again. I put my carbs up to 400g a day before it 'normalized' good binge though :slightly_smiling:


Hey its not the foamy pee Id be worried about. Ive had that myself on occassion. Taking a wild stab in the dark Id assume its something to do with enzyme shifts in the body from going to a different type of diet. I would be worried about these "Major Body Aches" If the Doctor seems less than helpful or knowledgable you may just have to get a second opinion. See someone who deals with athletes or has some nutritional background perhaps.


I believe MODOK wrote something about this in his nutrition thread. I don't remember where in the thread and I'm too lazy to look. Check it out. I'm 90 percent sure he mentioned something about it in there, if not check his post history. It's pretty recent. I don't remember exctly what he wrote either but I remember it's something about foamy piss.


Thanks man, I'll take a look!


Thanks man. You could be right about the enzyme shifts. I'm going to see the doctor about it as soon as possible and demand that he takes notice this time. If he doesn't I will go see a specialist.

The foamy pee may just be a symptom of a larger problem I guess!


And dude, if you can't find it, ask hi in that his Q & A Thread. Very likely MODOK can at least point you in the right direction


If it's malabsorption some of the protein never gets into your blood and therefore never gets into your urine. You shit it out.

If your kidneys are fine your kidneys are fine.

Seek a different doctor for the real issues (major body aches) and tell him about your urine too.


Thanks Kakno, I didn't know that!

It's a relief to know it's not a malabsorbtion issue!


Yeah i think you need some rest to get relax a bit and then get ready for the next round...