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Proteins --Puking?

Is it possible to in any way puke by protein powder? Here’s the story. Im 18 now, and been training for 2 years++. 1,5year ago i started using a protein powder to up my protein nutrition. The brand is btw “muscle max” - named mega bodybuilder if u’ve heard of it. It’s cheap and one of the only brands that sells in norway and contains both casein and whey. It has offcourse helped with strength and mass gains - But about 6 months after i started this - My apetite went down big-time. Puking up food almost got to a weekly event, cuz i tried to press down more food. I could say that before this i used to be a really large eater. I’ve however always been thin - and i did alot of aerobic activities before (like soccer and handball …etc). The protein powder im taking contains 60%casein and 40% whey (Just the way we like it ;)), and by the amino acid profile - there’s quite a lot of L-Glutamine in it. Please tell me there is no chance of any connection with the protein powder and the puke thing. Nobody i know who’s using the same powder is having the same side effects, so i can’t imagine. Im asking cuz my family is 100% sure of this is why this is happening - and im sick of hearing it - and would like to hear some arguements why not (Or why). If u don’t understand what i try to say here. Please say so. Thanks up in front.

Just stop using it. If you stop puking you have your answer.

Like change to some other protein brand - Or actually stop using protein powder at all…? If so - I smell one expensive time upcoming :frowning:

And i’ve allso tried stopped using it totally for 3 weeks - and this didn’t help. Still worth to check? Thanks for ur input btw =)

I’ve had nausea and low appetite quite a few times while on a weightlifting diet that contained nothing but alot of food so I doubt it’s the supp.If you have access to ginger (root or powder) you might want to give it a try , it helped me and seems to be help treat chicks with morning sickness.Try eating a finger digit sized piece 3-4 times a day for 1-2 weeks then reduce to 1-2 times a day.

Thanks - I will try to get a hold on ginger asap!

Stop taking the protein powder and I suggest paying a visit to your doctor.