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Proteins Dissolving?

Ive just wondering how some proteins seem to be sold as instantised but arnt, and others are. Without any real change in the texture, etc…

Obviously there is the size/mesh of the protein chunks. Some brands even seem to have detergents in them to aid dispersion, Alkalinity? Etc.

So anyone know what it takes to make common proteins like whey disolve nicely into water/milk?


This of course will appear to be a shameless pimp and so be it. It good stuff. It boils down to getting a solid product from a reputable company and stirring it with a spoon. Thats all it really takes for Metabolic Drive, Surge etc… as well as any company selling truely high quality instanized proteins.

Hell some of that stuff your lucky if a blender will do the job.

Other than that a damn good shaker and ice cubes help. I have never had luck with those cheap shakers with a screen and perfer just a regular nalgene bottle. ice or add a BIG marble or two. (dont swallow)

ive got some good disolving protein, and i have some good recipies for the stuff that wont.

Its just pure curiosity. How food products are made, formulated and why is as much of an interesting topic as anything else ive read on this forum. I can’t believe im the only person interested in stuff like this…

Not having a go phil… its just not anything ive seen discussed before… especially when i look back at those threads of people who were making their own PWO shakes or wanted to make a protein blend but thought it was all about mixing three powders together when obviously there is more too it.

Oh no I hear you and yes there is more to it. That OTHER stuff on the labels do nhave a purpose. Mixability mouthfeel etc. Like lecthin etc.

Interesting sure. an one of the reasons I said screw it leave it to these guys to make my protein LOL It was a pain in the neck and not worth the time and the savings was MINIMAL if any.

But yes its interesting, fun to dabble and experimant from time to time when you have the time to blow, and certainly NO harm in talking about things.

Sometimes it is instantised with distilled monoglycerides





As you can see there are different approaches, some better, some worse, some cheaper, some more expensive. Apart from different emulsifiers, you’ve got different proteins too. Let’s face it not all protein powders are the same. Different profiles, lactose etc… the list is endless.

Biotest stuff mixes pretty damned well if you ask me.

Cool =) Thanks guys!

As for experimenting free time, i dont do that, i experiment in not free time… what can i say? procrastination is a skill! grin