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Proteins are Bad for Your Kidnies


I just took some medical test, everything was fine except I have problem with my kidneys. The two test that are bad are AST and ALT (I dont know if and how it translate to english).
I am 18 years old

AST 41 acceptable range:7-37
ALT 61 acceptable range:12-49

the doc asked me if I take steroids. I dont. He asked me if I ate alot of protein and fat. I do.
He told me my kidneys were inflammated.He said like: eat less proteins and eat less fatty food.

I dont know more about all this stuff. What does AST and ALT means and is it really bad? I need some opinion from internet experts.


I don't know how things work in Canadian Medicine but AST and ALT have nothing to do with kidney function but rather they are liver enzyme tests. Do a web MD search, your numbers are only slightly elevated, if they were like 3 times the normal than you should be worried.

Also if you've taken any kind of steroids, testosterone, anabolic agent, etc without proper liver support you can run high numbers




Hell no this is not trolling. And yes I remember it is enzyme stuff


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To the OP, I would get a second opinion from another doctor.


Don't mind Cperfringens. he's just trying to fit in so he calls everyone a troll. And yes, you need a second or maybe even a third opinion. if all of the docs say the same thing, then you may have a problem. or you can get on that show Mystery Diagnosis and they can help you out. hehe sorry, couldn't resist. :smiley:


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There is no definitive link between high protein consumption and kidney damage. Any data that says so was done on sick animals with kidneys that were already in poor condition and to apply it to humans with healthy organs is absurd.

I would, however, seek additional opinions.


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I suffer with a poor left kidney. In no way has protein ever made this worse. You want to know what makes it worse? Sugary foods and alcohol. End of.


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I just read an article here on T-Nation that may help you somewhat. It doesn't offer a complete answer to your question but it does make you question what exactly doctors know, especially when it comes to working out: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sex_news_sports_funny_grok/what_your_doc_doesnt_know_about_weightlifting

Good luck!


Those slightly raised numbers could be accounted for even by a heavy night of drinking within the past week, certain types of medications, and, of course, AAS. I ran in to an alcoholic man while on rounds, and he had a GGT (another liver enzyme) value of 5500 IU/L (ref <51 IU/L)!

That's when you get worried, and as ndiddy85 mentioned, a significant finding would be about 3-5 times above reference range. Back to the patient, when he asked when his GGT was going to go down the doctor replied, "When you stop drinking"... pwnd


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