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Proteing Shake vs. P+F meal before bed

I am currently eating real food for my last meal of the day, which usually falls about 15-30 minutes before bed. This meal usually consists of 4 Omega eggs with 3 yolks, low fat cottage cheese, and turkey breast chunks if I have some cooked.

I am curious what the pros and cons would be to switching to a shake before bed and squeeze the above meal in an hour earlier.

That meal is actually a real good one before bed. Your goal is to get some good slowly digested protein in you to keep you going throughout the night. Fat is good at this time because it helps slow the digestion of protein.

Solid foods are great b/c they take longer to digest. So the eggs, whole eggs are a terrific choice. As is the cottage cheese (you may evem want to try the whole milk variety). If you take a shake you want to make sure its primarily casein (slow to digest) and not whey (quickly absorbed). Guess what? The cottage cheese is mostly casien. So you are doing great.

Stay with what you are doing unless its difficult to digest or causing you sleep issues. For instance, while I think what you are doing is better, if I eat whole foods before bed I wake up feeling like crap, all bloated and what no. I have trouble eating right away. When I have a shake I feel great. So I usually end my day with a good MRP with lots of protein and add in peanut butter for the fat (and taste!) to slow digestion.