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I am very much a beginner and very skinny (have been my whole life). Recently I have decided to try to change that and get serious about lifting and nutrition but I have a problem that I was wondering if anyone else has experienced.

I used to use a protein powder I found at the grocery store that was just whey. I would always mix it with milk and noticed that whenever I used two scoops instead of one, as the instructions said to do, I would feel weird. I feel "tingly" in my arms and fingers and my shoulders have a dull ache. After this wore off (~15-20mins) I would be very tired. I just avoided this by only using 1 scoop at a time.

However, now I've started to use Low-Carb Grow! and the same thing happens with just one scoop. I mean its not a big deal cause I can deal with it but it seems very odd. I was just curious if anyone else has ever experianced anything like this? It doesn't seem like a minor allergic response does it? I'm not allergic to anything I know of nor do I have any idea if you can even be allergic to stuff in protein powder.

Anyway, I was just really curious if anyone had this happen to them or if anyone has any idea what is going on?




It's possible you could be experiencing an allergenic effect from the whey protein, although, I have to admit, the symptoms you're describing aren't typically what one would expect in a hypersensitivity reaction. The dose-dependent effect seen with the previously used supplement seems to tie in to this as well. There's a chance that with continued use, the response may diminish. Your choices are to 1) not use such supplements 2) use them in small quantities 3) do so as in 2) and gradually, over time, see if you are able to tolerate more.


What type of 'sugars' (and the like) are in the one from the grocery store you bought and how many carbs??

I suspect (pure speculation) that is what is making you very tired afterward.


I have noticed that my shakes really get me going. Perhaps that is what your feeling.. Sorta like drinking way too much starbucks.. Only it's more positive.. I feel invincible.


Hey Cy,

What about rice protein? I saw Berardi talked about could this be useful for those with allergies to milk based proteins?


It makes sense. If JB gave it a thumbs up, I'd say give it a try.


cool cool. Love Low-Carb Grow! but more than 40 grams a day does not sit well with me.