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What are some good foods or drinks to eat which would give me a good amount of protein? As i do not want to take any supplements or any of them protein drinks (is there any i could make myself?)…

While it is true that the majority of your protein and caloric intake in general should come from REAL food, I see nothing wrong with supplementing with a quality MRP such as GROW!. But, that is a little off topic.

To answer your question in a short and sweet way. Milk is a great liquid source of protein. I perfer the fat free low carb stuff from hood. if I am going to have it at all. Other dairy products like cottage cheese, cream cheese, cheese, etc… Once again I choose the fat free varieties most of the time.

Other than those dairy sources, pretty much anything that can either move, make noise, or a combination of the two under its own power is a good source. I usually choose the leanest cuts. Fish, beef, poultry, pork (sometimes), wild game road kill. Also included is products that come from these sources such as eggs well I guess dairy comes from cows so I could have just included it here also.

You then also have things such as nuts, seeds, oats, rice, veggies, on and on all of which do contain protein but most of which are incomplete and take a combination to become complete. I perfer to think of these as sources of either fats or carbs and dont count the protein they contain.

So pretty much most things that comes from some type of little beastie, or the beastie itself. LOL

Hope this helps,
It was kinda fun to type out 4 me anyhow,


Me personally I like drinking a 1/3 of gallon of milk a day. I’m a skinny bastard bulking so I don’t mind the sugars. Thats about 40 grams of protein right there. 1 can of tuna (I hear chunk light has the least mercury) is about another 40. What’s worked well for me its eating a pound of pasta with a pound of ground beef and 2/3 of one of those pasta sauce things, with some brocolli thrown in for fiber and taste. A pound of 90% lean beef is about 100 grams of protein I think. I only weight 165 lbs so that takes care of my protein intake right there. However I do use PWO drink and if you haven’t tried it you’re missing out.