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Are all protein powders the same? I head that Myoplex is the best. Any suggestions?

I know I know…do a search!

Which I did, but I didn’t really find anything that rated them, just based make up stuff, and everyone worrying if it goes bad.

Have you read the “protein insider” article yet? Eye opening to say the least.

is there any way the t-mag staff can implement a “dumb-ass” filter?

it would take about 37 seconds to locate those articles on the mag…

I think HDT’s Problend 55 is pretty good.

it depends when you are taking it and what for and how much money you want to spend. I personally like Grow better than Myoplex, as it tastes nicer and aint as filling. these type of products are generally thought of as meal replacement and are taking during the day. post workout you want a faster released protein with a bit of carbs… Surge!
You cant really go wrong with Grow and Surge they cover your bases pretty well.

Thanks Whetu that’s what I was looking for; I didn’t care about the make up of the product, I wanted to know brand names.

Thanks for the help, too bad I already did the search and didn’t find what I was looking for, thus I asked on here. I’m not that dumb, I have two college degrees and I’m working on my third. So stop being so judgemental and take the time to actually think of something useful to say. Then maybe people would stop cutting you down and take your advice. You sound like you have been training for a while, and I’m sure you have some good advice, but then you come out with things like that, I think you lose a lot of respect.

you have two degress and dont know how to use a search function?

i would not respond with a stupid answer if it seemed like the person asking the question has done some groundwork of their own.

P-Dog, I’m with ya. Either he’s full of it about his degrees or he got them from Stockton State College…hahaha.
I mean, damn, how many articles about protein on T-MAG? hahah

there are lots of articles in t-mag about what kinds of proteins to take, etc…but that wasn’t his question.

unless t-mag is touting other brands which i havent noticed either…

i’m not a biotest protein fan really…it tastes too chemical sweet. i think Beverly International is the best out there. hands down. no crap and the best ingredients.

you can get it cheaper thru discount nutrition sites b/c it’s a bit pricey. i highly recommend it.

Check out FratMuscle’s posts. I smell a troll.

Vanilla Grow, HDT pro-blend 55 (capuccino is my favorite), Muscle Milk tastes great but kinda high in fat, Snytrax nectar is nice for a change of pace from the typical vanilla, choc, strawberry but a little to sweet for me to drink anymore than twice a day. HDT 5 plus 1 also give you a decent whey protein for the money. Desinger protein isn’t too bad either but there glycerlean protein blows IMO. VPX miscllean is also a high quality product but I didn’ care for the taste/solubility/or price. BTW while it is a weight gainer prolabs Enlarge tastes pretty damn good and has a decent amount of protein per serving (52g) price isn’t bad either.

Cazzo, as much as I would dig your eye out of your skull with my fingers and rape your orbital, I have to admit that last remark actually made me snicker. Maybe I’m developing a sense of humor.

C’mon people, it’s not cool to flame someone like that!

No, all protein powders are not the same and there is no “best” brnad. Many brands are great.

Protein powders can ue many different sources for the protein: whey, casein, milk isolates, soy, etc. Most people feel the “best” source is one that is a mixture of whey, casein, and milk isolates. The advantage to a whey only protein is that it is cheaper.

Myoplex is a meal replacement powder. This means that it has a signifigant amount of carbs in it.

How about Isopure Zero Carb? How does it compare to other 0 or low carb proteins in terms of:

  1. Protein Quality
  2. Taste

I currently buy my protein (nothing added) from the Protein Factory but saw Isopure Zero Carb on sale recently.

Thanks, Rene’

I don’t know if you have tried the bottled isopure or not. HOWEVER, if you have it is not remotely comparable to the powder. Strawberry isn’t too bad but honestly I wouldn’t but it again. Supposedly it’s a high quality protein but I’ve never heard anything too special about it. AST’s VP2 always seems to get peoples thumbs up although I haven’t tried it yet.

I’m pretty partial to Dave Draper’s protein powder, Bomber’s Blend. Grow and Beverly’s protein powders are top-notch as well.

I tried many different brands of protein they are all different in texture, taste etc. What I like may not be what you like. I am now on Isopure low carb it mixes well not lumpy and it tastes ok the fat is average and the carbs are low and the protein mg. are close to 50, Next week I’ll try something new. I try to stay with the WHEY protein. The new designer mixes look good too.

They are all the same. The best kind is the one you can get for the best value.

Since when did a college degree make someone smart anyways? I know loads of people that have lots of degrees and are still tards.

This questions does seem pretty stupid…that’s like asking if all cars are the same?