What is the difference between drinking your protein with water and milk? I have only used water, is drinking it with milk better?

It depends on your goals.

Always always use skim milk! Otherwise you’re adding a lot of bad fats into the mix.

When I’m on a bulking cycle I use skim milk with all my shakes, it drasticallly ups the calories and also adds some protein and calcium.

But if you’re cutting down ALWAYS remember that milk causes bloat, although I don’t know the science part of it I can say from personal experience that I could diet and diet but the milk always kept me a little soft, only when totally getting rid of the milk could I really lean down.

“Always always use skim milk! Otherwise you’re adding a lot of bad fats into the mix.”

That’s the biggest piece of crap statement I’ve ever heard in my life. Let me guess…you believe you should get all your fats from flax, olive, and fish oils?

Go read the Eat Like a Man articles and stop being a little girl about diet :wink:


shaking head

No I don’t think that all fats are evil that aren’t fish caps, etc.

But, assuming that your getting proper amounts of fat already in addition to a little extra, why add loads more in? Especially when you can effectively add calories and a little protein without it (ie using skim instead) just as easily.

Can you give me any reason at all that one should use whole milk as opposed to skim milk?

I will say that you likely have the best answer of all though, just get it raw! ; )

…at least I think that was you…