Can anyone PLEASE let me know how much protein does the human body digest at each meal. In college I was told it was about 24-28 grams per meal regardless of the amount of protein consumed. If that’s the case If I am consuming more than that amount than I am wasting my money on products that have up to 50 grams per serving. Who has done studies to prove otherwise that the body could digest more that 24 0r whatever the never is. I am confused and frustraded. Thank you

Exactly 42.5986585 grams.

Protein assimilation and utilization are 2 different things. Your body will digest as much protein as you ingest, however wheather or not all the protein will be utilized for its intended functions is another thing. There are so many factors involved that an exact number in grams that your body will utilize at any given meal is pure speculation.

Gio, don’t worry about the exact number. Just calculate the amount of protein you need to achieve your goals (generally 1 to 1.5g of protein per pound of BW), divide it up into as many meals as you can handle (at least 5, but more if possible), and you’re set.

these are the same people that tell us that high protein diets will rot your liver and kidneys, that all fat is bad, that all carbs are good, and that steroids will make you kill the next guy that looks at you cross eyed…just a lil food for thought

Do a search, we have been through this millions of times.

However told you that has no clue whatsoever about the way our body works. Ask him/her to show you the research that came around with this amazing figure. He can’t because there ain’t any.

If you eat two kilograms of meat (2.2 pounds), they will sit on your digestive system untill your body digests everything, which can take quite some time. Protein that’s in excess will be used for energy or stored as fat, regardless what some people say. This is it. Simple.

Sorry, I meant 1 Kg (2.2 pounds).

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