With all the recent talk on the quality of protein in the protein supplements being sold; Can anybody weigh in on the quality of protein sold by The Protein Factory. You know, where you can customize your own blends. Sure is reasonably priced. But what are you getting?

I have a pal who works in a lab. He did some tests with a microscope and DID NOT find any nitrogen in it. This may be you asking the question. I am not sure, nitrogen sometimes is very light.

How can you find nitrogen under a micro. Unless your friend works for a lab that has invested over 10 million in a microscope, it is impossible to do so. Even your average 1 million dollar basic electron microscope can not even come close. Perhaps your friend meant he used gas chromatography… Anyways this does not answer the question

Don’t know about the quality, but I’ve heard the taste is pretty bad.

I am working in for multi million dollar research company. The most purest protein i’ve tested is Max Pro.

I do not know for a fact what kind of quality it has but I have not seen any difference between what I buy from them and the designer brands except for the price. The taste isnt bad at all you just have to be careful what you put in it and make sure you have a flavor and a sweetner

Forget exactly what he said but from some test he was very skeptical… I like the taste.

I have ordered from the Protein Factory and have found the products to be of good quality.
The service is pretty good too.

I made a chocolate 60/40 caseinate/WPC mix sweetened with sucralose from them and it tastes pretty good. I have no lab tests for quality, but I haven’t seen any less results from their protein vs. name brands. I also bought flax oil from them and it appeared to have the same color/appearance as Barlean’s flax oil, if that means anything.

I’ve ordered casein and whey protein from them twice now, and I’ve been less than impressed with the quality of the product and the delivery time (~10 days to the west coast). If I could find another bulk distributor for caseinate, I’d go with them in a heartbeat. I’ve compared their whey to that from Supplement Direct, and found theirs much more coarse and hard to mix into solution (lots of little dry pockets). SuppDir’s mixes smoothly and more creamy, has a richer texture, and a better taste! So, now I get my whey from SuppDir and my caseinate from ProtFact. Love their flax, though …

Don’t try to make a MPR by adding maltodextrin to your protein blend. I did and I could not choke the stuff down. It had a real gritty feel and the “grit” did not taste good either. I called Protein Factory and the guy said that the “grit” was from the maltodextrin