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I eat 2 chicken sandwiches a day for my 2nd and 3rd meals. (One large sandwich with three breasts cut in half.)The chicken is cooked the same way every time, boiled. Does the chicken lose protein if it is boiled? What is the best way to cook it. Is chicken a good enough source of protein to eat two or three times a day to get big? Stay lean?

Boiled? I would never, ever, dare to boil ANY of the meat I eat. Plus, I have a chef at home who does all the cooking and “boil” is y’know a four letter word hush, hush. Broiled? Yes. Broiling. Roasting. Cooking the chicken breasts in a non-stick pan? Yes. But, I’m a “amateur” cook - the “pro” at home should be answering this one.

One note: I eat alot of red meat and am able to stay lean. I lose TOO much when eating JUST chicken. So, I prefer red meat.

yo i have one thing to say to you: GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL. hahah i throw everything on there…boiled chicken?? unless it’s in some kind of broth or soup, i wouldn’t put it in a sandwich…reminds me too much of this stewed chicken i was once served in a quesidilla-looked nasty!!

there is nothing wrong with boiling chicken. i don’t know if you are fulfilling your protein requirements with the food you eat. I’d have some protein shakes along with it. Boiling occurs at 100*C while broiling occurs at a much larger temperature. If you are worried about denaturing your protein it would be by broiling. But then again you don’t burn your food so broiling is ok also. laters pk

Theres nothing rwrong with boiling, other thatn the fact that you meat turns to rubber, unless you cook it forever. The foreman grill is great, but for about twenty bucks, you can get a grill pan (its called a griswald). It is a pan with ridges, that works like a stove top grill. Mine is cast iron, but you can also get non-stick versions. To speed up the cookng time on your chicken breast, buttterfly them. This will reduce cooking time, and also make the breast more temder and juicy.