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Hey, I’m a beginner but in pretty good shape. I’m 16 years old, 6’1, 180 lbs. I dont know my BF% but I don’t have too much visible fat. I was just wondering what protein supplements would be good for someone my age. Thanks.

depends… do you have any money? if you are like most 16 year olds you don’t have much, so perhaps stick to the eggs, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, meat. Otherwise… the answer depends on your budget. Try not to buy into the hype too much… and keep asking around, if you have a more specific product I’m sure many here would comment their opinions on it.

First, go see how many grams of protein you are already consuming in a day. Next, go eat more. Eggs, meat, etc. are better than a protein shake. Unless you are short on time food is better. Especially when I was 16 my parents would buy food, but not supplements. Also, most 16 year olds take supplements before looking at what they are eating.

A good quality protein? Most of them are decent. Just stay away from the “huge weight gainer” ones. Personally, I mix a scoop of Designer & Isopure for meals throughout the day. My bedtime snack is Designer and cottage cheese. At 16 you should be able to eat like a goddamned horse! Eat as much as you can.

Food, real food, and lots of it. A protein powder or meal replacement would be O.K., but eating right should be your priority. Use this site as your guide.

Read “Foods That Make You Look Good Nekkid” and “Heirarchy of Needs” by Chris Shugart. Yes, you MUST read them.

With that said, concentrate on your FOOD intake. At this point, you certainly shouldn't be concerning yourself with supplements. Just FOOD.