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I recently finished a container of deseiner protein, it was prety good but from reading t-mag I learned that you need casein and not just whey in protein so I started with methoxy pure protein. I wanted to buy pro m3 by ISS but it was to darn expensive.Your oppinion on these pritein. T.YOU.

I hope you don’t expect to get any benefit from the methoxy in that protien supplement.
Stick with some basic protiens like AP or met rx, etc.

Why don’t you use low carb Grow???

Those methoxy protein supps suck. Not enough methoxy in them to do anything. T-mag has written about this a lot. See the ‘dirty tricks’ article and learn a tough lesson. We all have at one time with some rip off supplement. (I bought a Cybergenics kit!) Try Methoxy-7 and use a good protein like Grow from Biotest.

IF you look on the label that methoxy pro contains creatine, in scientific terms , it doesnt use the name creatine they use a more scientific name for it, but its in there thats how they claim that u gain soo much weight on it, consumers think its the methoxy but in turn its the creatine makeing the weight gain -


ISS ProM3 is a really nice product, excellent to be used as a night time protein (or middle of the night protein) if you can justify the cost. Tastes good too. Very slow and sustained release. Its actually Whey, Casein and Albumen.

I prefer a low carb protein so I go with Low Carb Grow. Good quality and tastes really good compared to other low carb proteins I’ve used like Met-Rx. No soy either. See the ‘shake it up’ article at t-mag for some late night ant-ctabolic recipes and other stuff.