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Can anyone recommend a protein supplement that won’t cause so much gas ? I’ve tried approximately 10 different brands at this point and I’m getting frustrated. Thanks.

EAS’ Precision Protein and Simply Protein don’t seem to bother my stomach, whereas Designer Protein caused my stomach to do backflips. Hope this helped.

Did you look what kind of proteins you have been using? I bet all of the protein brands you have been trying contain whey concentrate, which can cause bloating and gas. Try some pure whey isolates (there are a few (or better very few) brands that do not use whey concentrate, Advanced Protein is one) and see if things get better. If not try other proteins like caseinate, milk protein or egg protein (first two are also ingredients of Advanced Protein). For the difference between whey proteins read

Grow and AP never bother me, but all the discount stuff tears me up.

It might be poor quality proteins like the other have pointed out or you might need to take some digestive enzymes with it. Try drinking it slow also.

Check the lactose in the powders, and are you using milk? You may be lactose intolerant. Try some Lact-aid.

I had the same problem for a while. Now I just use a mix from protein factory and my stomach is fine. Try using mostly CMF Whey.


You’re probably just allergic and/or hypersensitive to them. I have this problem myself with every protein powder except gulp SOY! If you have any type of allergy or food sensitivity to dairy products (not necessarily lactose intolerant) than there’s a good chance that whey and casein will also give you problems. The key is to totally avoid them for 4-6 weeks in any form and then you can probably introduce them back into the diet as long as they’re not consumed every day. Have you tried 100% egg protein?

If CFM or ion exchange whey (which has the least lactose of any) do not agree with you, you could try digestive enzymes, but more likely you are one of the people with a body that does not handle dairy well. There is a protein powder made from brown rice protein (virtually no carbs, just protein) that might be helpful. The biologic value of brown rice as a protein source is no doubt less then whey, but it may be better then not having any protein powder that you can use at all.