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Protein with NO Chinese Ingredients


I am preparing to start working out again starting february 1st, but my body type requires a protein supplement. What whey protein company uses ZERO Chinese ingredients? I do not want to be swallowing 100 grams of chinese melamine every day.

Googling the issue, frighteningly enough, comes up with only chinese whey suppliers.


Funny your body type requires a protein supp.

My body type requires NX246JK from my home planet of Zalliscabir.


Metabolic Drive Low-Carb

Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula

Grow! Whey


Thanks, but there's no information on the origin of the ingredients. I was living in China when they were diluting milk with water and adding melamine to falsify protein levels. I'd like to keep chinese chemicals out of my body.


Can't say I blame ya'.

The protein alone makes Metabolic Drive Complete a standout in the category. The proteins are from the United States - not China.


And here TC elaborates further.



Good call. I was in Japan when a lot of issues of Chinese food came to light.

Cardboard used in pork buns
Watermelons harvested early and injected with dye to hide the fact
Excessive use of herbicides on mushrooms, causing people who ate them to be hospitalized
... the list actually goes on and it doesn't get any better.

If you find any definite answers, I would like to hear what you find out. I might have to take a look at Biotest for me next batch of proteins.


dude, where you been? I remember you posting years and years ago.


you could pretend your a supplement company and buy from davisco lol...


I think the only Chinese product without poison in it would be rat poison...those fuckers probably make it with table sugar.


If I was as concernes as you, I'd probably just eat more meat. That would be the simplest solution with the greatest benefits.


OP, with all due respect, you sound like a bitch.

do some research for yourself


chance of OP actually making progress? Zero




While what the Chinese have done is a travesty, the USA has some serious questions to answer on dairy health as well. I'm sure to be blasted for this but the US is the only developed country in the world to not have banned the genetically engineered and artificial growth hormone rBGH or "recombinant bovine growth hormone" from it's dairy products. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and every country in the European Union have banned the use of this in dairy production.
When using something as concentrated and isolated as protein powder I wouldn't want to be comsuming copious amounts of this.

As TC mentioned previously, Biotest were sourcing protein from NZ or Australia. I hope they still are, or at least a rBGH free dairy from the US.

If you are worried do a google search in recombinant bovine growth hormone.


So is Biotest still sourcing from New Zealand or Autralia?


is this a f******* joke? do some research, find companies that produce stuff here/canada/new zealand/australia.

I didn't realize some body types didn't need a protein supplement.


OP is rascist



For the non-depressingly banal responses, the only protein company I was interested in, Optimum Nutrition, never responded to inquiries as to whether their whey was imported from China or not.

Davisco makes their own whey for a protein supplement called BiPro, but I haven't found it sold locally. So I guess they're the best bet for guarenteed safe whey.


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