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Protein with Milk or Water


I know this is an old question but should one take his protein with milk or water? I know that some say that milk slows down digestion and now I heard from a trainer at my gym that drinking it with milk slows down GH production? anyone care to comment on this?


Post and during wo- water
Any other time- milk



thats what i think also but i wanted to know if there realy is a connection betwin the milk and the GH reduction


there are three ways to increase HGH, exercise, sleep and fasting. When insulin is up HGH goes down. So the answer is Yes milk reduce HGH.



Milk is for babies.


Thank you for the desired answer.


Neither. Eat the protein with a spoon.


Yes, but that's just one of the variables that is being considered. Nothing wrong with having the protein powder with milk (have skimmed milk if you have to) around workout. For the rest of the day, it depends on your calorie needs and goals.


it depends on your cal needs, if you can handle mixing the protein with milk because of lactose and other digestive problems and also what you are trying to do (lean out, lean bulk, etc)