Protein... with Lymon(r) :o)

So, I’m sitting here in my cubicle (feel free to make jokes about it, so long as you don’t make cruel ones) and can’t get away from my desk to go get more water from the cooler, but I’m looking at the clock thinking I am way late for a meal and all I have here is some vanilla protein powder and a shaker cup. Oh, yeah… I ALSO have a little cooler with some ice cold diet sodas in it. On a whim, the mad scientist in me came through and I whipped up a vanilla protein shake with some DIET SPRITE. Now, at first, it made a HUGE freaking mess because, when the carbonation hit the protein, it about exploded… needless to say, it made a LOT of bubbles. But, after they subsided (i.e. it went flat), I capped the shaker cup and mixed it really well. Then I tasted it… it was YUMMY, tasted kinda like lemon custard. Just thought I’d pass this on. Anyone else have inventive, tasty ways to mix up protein or MRPs, besides Chris S. mixing Chocolate AP and Guiness?

Anyone else here even remember the old Sprite TV commercials of the 80's with that little kid in them who said that Sprite didn't have lemon OR lime in it, that it had "Lymon". sigh.. oh well. I'm a TV geek.

1 scoop lemon lime Phosphegen HP w/ 2 scoops designer whey vanilla or vanilla praline in 2-3 cups H2O. It’s like a lime cream-sicle!!!

When $ was tight and I couldnt afford surge my post-workout shake used to be vanilla whey powder mixed in orange gatorade powder (composed of mainly dextrose and maltodextrin). It was delicious it is like an orange creamcicle.