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Protein When Not Training

Well im unfortunatly nursing a shoulder injury for a couple weeks, I cant do much but setups and leg press, so should i lay off all the protein 1g/per lbs daily is what ive been doing? Any help would be great.

If it were me thats what id do. Ig/per lbs to keep everything going.

Not at all. Just because your not training doesn’t mean you don’t need protein. If you were at high levels of protein intake say around 2g/lb than I would say to back off, but you still want to maintain roughly 1gm per pound of bodyweight even when not training. What you DO want to do is just reduce overall calories (but NOT from protein) since your DCR is now going to be lower.

yeah just cut the carbss

your body grows outside the gym

so cutting your protein intake when you’re inactive is only going to hurt you

Thank you for the info! will keep guzzling those shakes