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Protein w/out Artifical Sweeteners?


Can anyone reccomend a quality protein sup. that is plain without any artificial sweeteners.I haven't used any in a couple of years due to not finding any.It is not a question of aspartame or sucralose being good or bad for you, or that whole argument.I just don't like the taste of the artificial sweeteners.Yes I have tried different brands including the ones here and I know that plain protein shakes taste horrible,as I have had them before.Any suggestions would be appreciated.


some companies now offer stevia sweetned products.

its supposed to be "more natural"


yes there is , you can choose sweetener you like , there are artificial sweeteners and stevia , I'm using it


Not the Biotest brand, 'cuz that one doesn't have a flavor and Biotest is 29.99 for 5 lbs, unlike GNC which sells for $40 for 5 lbs, so count that out off the list.


I got a sweet deal at a BJ's....5lb tubs of EAS for $20....I bought up about 20 of em'...they don't have much sugar(hell, they only have 3g of total carbs per scoop)...
It's got a lot of cholesterol though(in comparison to other powders)


I use Cytosports 5 lb jug of Whey (choc mint flavor). Tastes great, 1g sugar per serving (I usually take 3 scoops post workout), and no aspartame in case that's specifically your issue.



the whole argument about stevia or aspartame or splenda being good or bad isn't really the issue for me.For me it is purely taste, I like regular old fashioned sugar just fine,but don't care for corn syrup or any other variation because they all seem to have a different kind of taste.And since I know too much regular old sugar isn't all that great for physique goals I would just as soon find a goood quality plain jane unflavored powder.