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Protein Vs Needs?

In my journey through T-Nation I have learned that the bare minimum of protein consumption should be 1,5g of protein per pound of body weight, correct?

I weigh approximately 97kg at the moment.

My protein needs for the day should be 213 pounds x 1.5 = 320 grams.

Should this rule apply every day or should I consume less protein on off days or low intense training days? What is the norm and how will I benefit the most from my protein increased diet. Obviously not all people respond the same to the exact same diet and nutrition plan, what I need is an idea on how to plan this thing properly.

Any thoughts on this will be appreciated.

Your body does not only grow on training days, so yes, keep the protein high.

John Berardi:
"The Protein Myth
Protein builds big muscles.
Although athletes and exercisers have believed for generations that eating more protein builds big muscles, this statement isn’t always true. Sure, if an individual is undereating protein (getting less than the recommended 1.5g/kg) then they might see some muscle growth with an increased intake. However, additional protein above this intake won’t build more muscle.

However that doesn’t mean that this additional protein is a waste. In fact, additional protein intake helps improve body composition by helping maintain a higher muscle to fat ratio. Same muscle mass - less fat - sign me up!"

Protein rocks, don’t skimp on it.

Plus if you’re eating a good protein source, that’s one less shitty food you’re eating.