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Protein vs. Calories - Trying to Add Mass

6’1" 155lbs. on trt and trying to add bulk. I feel I can eat all the time. I take in on average 140g of protein and 2500 cals. I feel I need to boost my cal. intake. Is there a difference in quality of calories? I love jelly donuts and figure I could eat two a day to add 700+ cals. I eat breakfast(2 eggs, banana, oj) snack(clif bar) lunch(5oz can tunna with miracle whip on wheat and granola bar) snack(blizzard or shake) dinner(chicken, mash potatoes, and beans) snack (greek yogurt with oats) before bed(shake). Sometimes for the snacks its 2 PB&J on wheat instead of listed.


Lean Body Mass = LBM

LBM * 1.5 = Grams of Protein/Day
LBM * 1 = Grams of Carbs/Day
LBM * 0.5 = Grams of Fat/DAY

^This^ will give you a good starting point. Adjust your macros based on your goal. In your case use desired LBM.

I am finding out that keeping a log is helping out alot.