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Protein vs. Aminos


I been thinking if protein is broken down by the body into aminos wouldn't be better to just take an amino supplyment in place of protein drinks, and if so how much aminos would it take replace an average protein drink(25-30g protein)


No because:

  1. Dietary protein is easily broken down into amino acids in the stomach and small intestines.

  2. You'd be only getting certain amino acids in an amino acid supplement while in normal protein supplements/whole foods, you're getting most or all of the amino acids.

  3. Amino acid supplements cost more.

  4. There are some possible benefits of individual amino acid supplementation in very specific circumstances. Otherwise, you're better off eating/drinking intact protein sources.


I'm going to take a wild guess and say 25-30 grams of 'aminos' would replace a 25-30 gram protein drink.


Google the amino acid profile of whey protein. Then find a supplement that has all of those amino acids. Good luck.


Actually, you'd need to eat more amino acids than protein, since one molecule of water is lost for every peptide bond. (So 100 grams of amino acids contain fewer amino acids and more water than 100 grams of a protein made out of those amino acids (and a few more).)

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@the OP: Were you drunk when you wrote this?