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Protein Versus Pro-Anabolics


For all you 40+ lifters out there (whose goal is hypertrophy), what do you think is a better use of your money: spending it on extra protein or on pro-anabolics like trib/eurycoma, etc.? By extra protein I mean the money to go from .7g/lb to 1.0g/lb. What if you had to chose between one or the other money-wise?


I think that you should be eating at least 1 gram per pounds of bw if you are planning to make any favorable changes in your muscle to fat ratio. Taking pro-hormones will only get you so far if your diet is not up to par (i.e. not consuming enough protein) and whatever progress you would make on pro-hormones will likely dissapear if you do not change your diet to reflect your new gains or if you are not eating enough calories to maintain the muscle that you put on. Clean up your diet first in my opinion.


Get your diet straight, and this includes getting enough protein, before worrying about other supplements.


1 Word= BEEF, Tasty lean ground beef, I eat almost a pound a day, yes food is expensive but thats life. My idea is, if your gona achieve a goal, you gota make sacrifices. I eat lean ground beef, chicken, eggs, and lots of fruits and veggies, I eat whole wheat pasta and take a multi, EFA's, get in your fibre, and bust your ass in the gym. Once you do that and dont see results let us know and we will help you more.


I have a very clean diet - I eat better than anyone I know and am a nutrition fanatic - but I just don't quite eat enough protein because of the cost.



invest in some good protein powder. Easy to use, just mix and drink.

just a thought


Interesting! What about all the supposed badness of anachrondic acid and beef in general? I'd really like to hear the alternative side to this story.

I eat a little beef probably 5X a week (because I know it can boost T-levels), but I have to admit that I shy away from it just cuzz it gets so much bad press. But I'm open minded...any info would be much appreciated.


I just did buy a whey powder yesterday! I thought I had a dairy allergy but thx to the guys on this site (at least so far), I've found I was just lactose intolerant. I need to take it for a week though and see if I develop an allergy. But so far I haven't and so far I haven't had the GI symptoms! I'm a new man...


You have to go with the protein first. You have to have it to build the mass, then you have to have enough of it to keep the mass.

Make sure you are doing the lifts that effect your T-levels the most: Squats and Deads.

Reduce the stress in your life as best you can. Get enough sleep.


You can make gains of 1lb a week by eating 2gm/Lb of protein and plenty of carbs and fats. You must workout hard and sleep well.

You can take steroids but if you do not eat enough you will not make any mass gains.

It is a 3 leg chair. If one leg is not there you fall. The legs being food, rest and workout. What you eat is the most important or biggest single factor.


Getting good clean cals is what will help you stay in a positive gain and recovery mode. Having .7g/lb is good enough as long as you get enough cals(clean not junk) to support your energy expenditures and have positive recovery too.

I don't think you need 1g/lb to get gains or maintain them. My recovery has been the same when I am at 80g' a day or 200g a day. I'm 40 and I way 220 @ 6'. I say this cause I'm happy with the amount of muscle I have. Its taken yrs to build and I think alot of people would save money on supps realizing it does. Food is the anabolic of my supp use. I have to admit to the convenience of a good protein or meal replacement shake though.

Food is your best anabolic hands down. Get it dialed in for you. Its worth way more than any supp out there. Once you do that try any supp you want. You will be able to judge how that supp really works then.

I have spent so much money on supps. I have been using food for a few months now without protein at recommended levels( I hit around 70g to 100 g) and I have noticed no issues with recovery, strength, or gains. Course I'm getting enough cals(energy)

I lift and mountainbike so I need to really keep and eye on recovery and make sure its gonna be good. I know all too well what it feels like to be flat and undernourished by just going and hitting the trails. I also work graveyard. Tough going against the body' clock. Really can effect recovery & gains too.

Personally Whisper, I'd try the anabolics you are thinking of without your protein(.7g/lb) needing to be higher. Just get enough good cals in there and see what happens. I'm not considering pro-hormones or steroids in my last comment though. I don't use em' and I can't use t-boosters either without negative effects to my prostate.


Personally dont waste money on 2 grams protein per pound, thats flushing money in the toilet stick to 1 g per pound, lots of lean meats. When I said Beef, beef is great just make sure its lean, or use a foreman grill. I am not scared of a little animal fat, I cook medium ground beef and drain the fat, though lean is probably better or even extra lean. You need beef but variety also, chicken, tuna, supps like protein powder, and if you can afford it throw in some Alpha Male, it wont hurt.

EAT BIG, TRAIN HEAVY, SLEEP a good amount, and use protein powder and Alpha Male, it should give you kick! PM me if you need any other info.


Protein. Go with the 1.5-2 g/bodyweight.

And don't believe all the BS on beef being bad for you. Man has been eating beef for centuries. Balance in the rest of the diet and in your lifestyle will do more to maintain health.


I greatly appreciate all the advise and commentary. I kind of want to get away from the supps - mostly cuzz of money - so what you said intrigues me quite a bit.

Btw, do you feel such brutal aerobics have hurt your hypertrophy?


there is no physiological/muscle building reason on God's green earth to eat 2g of protein per lb of bodyweight.

If you are eating more protein in an effort to increase cals and not t ake in extra carbs, then fine. But you most certainly do not need that much protein for any recovery or muscle building purposes.

As to original post--always food over supps if possible. Supps are just that. You can increase your T naturally if you choose by just modifying your diet, getting the right workout, and getting enough sleep.

Now--if your dieting down or something, then maybe you can look into Alpha Male or Methoxy-7 or other aids that may help you maintain or even add lean weight while losing fat.


How important do you think sleep is? I have trouble with that category. I'm a light sleeper, etc.


Whisper wrote; Btw, do you feel such brutal aerobics have hurt your hypertrophy?

Big time toll on the body lifting and mountainbiking. I basically lift for maintenance purposes now that my biking is in high gear. I balance it out.

I found when I was lifting for gains and biking 4x a week it was too much and I hit overtrained ville quik. Now I lift just to maintain what I have in order to bike often. Works for me. Maintenance lifting keeps my hard earned muscle intact.

I do things different when the winter comes obviously. Then I lift mostly and try to put more muscle on albeit it comes very slowly now lol.



I'm going to be 50 here soon. Been lifting a good part of that time. MAG-10 and other prohormones plus test boosters like Tribulus made waaaaayyy more muscle and strength magically appear than any diet manipulation. Results may vary.... Did I mention that prohormones made me wayyyyyyy more muscular and strong than any protein supplementation...? You get the picture.