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Protein under going X-rays

Hello fellow T-mans/woman,
I know this may sounded weird or extreme…
But my work place recently step up the security of the place and I am wondering if putting my supplements through the X-ray scanners are going to denature them?

It’s highly that that will happen right?

Anyone knows anyone have conducted any studies on this?

As I usually train after work… so I do kinda carry my supplements with me most of the time…

So what’s your take?

Don’t know any studies. I’m sure others might.

Remember, most of the shipments probably are scanned visually with an X-Ray machine before they are loaded on an airplane.

It’s probably fine. Could you throw a stink about it and have them visually check your lunch pail?


if only what you have is protein then what have you got to worry about, unless you have some kind of banned substance there should not be any issue.

I would worry more about it denaturing you then your protein powder.

Really I dont think it will do much.

Not positive though.

I would say a vast majority of all products go thru some form of X-ray scan… even the products in stores… but it seems to make sense that if the said product was scanned over and over and over and over and over and over again, some small problems could occure… as it can on the human body…

but… thou shalt not worry,

What would be bad about your protein being denatured (not that it happens anyway)?